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Tender Hearts Homecare Services - your provider of home health care, equipment, and friendship.

About Tender Hearts Homecare Services

Life has gone full circle for Chris and Karen Qualls Kerr. Chris had a successful career as a Medical Technologist and Medical Sales Representative, while Karen, who has a degree in Health Education, had a career as Registered Dental Hygienist. Today after over thirty years of separate healthcare careers, Chris and Karen are working together again with Home Independence Services — doing business as, Tender Heart Support Services. Chris and Karen have been aware of the move from hospital-only based care since the 1970’s due a rich family history in hospice care.

Chris’s mother, Nancy Kerr, was a British trained RN. After marrying and moving a Tennesseean, she became Tennessee’s first Hospice nurse in 1977. She and her husband, Jim, were well known for  visiting hospice patients together. Nancy became prominent as a speaker on the advantages of caring for a sick family member in the home. Home Independence Services, is based on the loving and welcoming Christian values [Matthew 25: 35-40] and focuses on providing care for elderly and physically challenged individuals, or couples, who with some degree of non-medical personal support, are able to thrive in their own home.

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